Bakery, coffee, Arts and Crafts Gallery, Health food shop

Bait 77 (Meaning "House number 77") is a special country store, where members of the Peterson family sell their handmade products

The store is located in Amirim (where we all live), a small vegetarian village in the hills of the Galilee in Israel, known for its beauty and its lovely B&B guesthouses

חצר בית 77

The shop entrance and outside tables

At our store you will find all the different things we make ourselves

Joy and Ariel, a mother and son team, bake wonderful wholemeal breads, pita bread and cakes and make Jam, cheese, hummus and other delicacies. We also serve coffee, so people can buy freshly baked goods and sit in our lovely garden for a cup of tea or coffee and a light meal

On Thursdays it's Pizza night! Ariel bakes whole meal pizza in the taboun, an outdoor open oven

Visit the Bakery page : http://www.bait77.com/?page_id=6"

Bread from the Bakery

Bread from the Bakery

Lhasa is a wood artist, making rustic style furniture and handcrafted toys, using twigs and branches leftover from tree pruning

Visit Lhasa's Wood work page : http://www.bait77.com/?page_id=9


Wooden toys and furniture

Dria sews dolls, bags and hats from new and recycled materials

Visit Dria's Page: http://www.bait77.com/?page_id=7

Dria's web site and English blog : www.driapeterson.com

Dria's Dolls and Handmade creations can also be purchased at her ETSY shop: www.driaa.etsy.com

חתולי צמר ובובת כוכב

Handmade dolls

Netta runs the health food shop, selling organic produce and natural cosmetics

Visit Netta's page : http://www.bait77.com/?page_id=11

Organic food

Organic food

At first glance it may seem that there is no connection between the different parts of our shop, but a closer look will reveal the common thread that runs through all our endeavors – our belief in a simple way of life, in an ecological and organic lifestyle, working with nature and using our hands to make and build unique handcrafted goods

We would love you to come and visit us at the shop or take a look at our hebrew blog http://www.bait77.com/?page_id=16

Open Thursday through Sunday 8:30-19:00

Tel: 04-6980984, 0528520366

E-mail – driaaa at gmail dot com